ECO Friendly Paper Manufacturers & Suppliers | Kalpataru

ECO Friendly Paper Manufacturers & Suppliers | Kalpataru

ECO Friendly Paper Manufacturers Suppliers (Kalpataru) – Our last post hopefully cleared the misconception that paper companies are the only ones that harm the environment, but we at Kalpataru take environment very seriously. We are committed to maintaining high environmental, health and safety standards. We make sure that all our work is in relevance with the local as well as international laws. Here are some ways in which you can make your business eco-friendly.

Stock Reusable Pens

Generally, people use disposable pens. These not only look cheap but are also harmful to the environment. Stock your cupboard with reusable pens. Better yet have a pen designed for your firm. That way you can have branded as well as be environment-friendly. Eliminate Waste Printing

So many times after the printing is done we realize that the last page just has the web address. For this always see the document in print view option. You can also use the waste or used paper as rough paper.

Go Digital

It is not necessary to have everything in printing. You can very well have things on a website. Use printing only for official signing and documentation. A website seems more futuristic and is also environment-friendly.

Buy Environment-Friendly Paper

Stop buying the cheap non-biodegradable material. Switch to our new range of biodegradable papers. They are easy to the environment and cost just as much as the normal kind.

Be Casual

Not every industry can permit casual clothing, but if you are one of them who can allow casual; clothing then go for it. Productivity does not depend on the clothes your employees wear. This way no suits have to be dry cleaned and it also saves the electricity bill.

Invest in Colar Power

Sure solar energy systems can be expensive and aren’t always practical depending on your office location and setup. But I can surely have some long-term savings from your initial investment, and there are many states and governments that now offer incentives for solar energy users.

Replace your Bulbs with LED

CFL is gone, now it’s the time of LEDs. These devices are twice as efficient as CFLS and do not even cost so much.

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