Forest Product

We acquire only the best quality pulp from Canada, Australia, UAE, Egypt, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and African continent.

As an ecologically conscious company, we make sure to associate with pulp plantations that ensure that no forest reserves are harmed to create the pulp. In India, we are one of the leading suppliers of forest products.

Pulping process

The kraft process which is also known as kraft pulping or sulfate process is used to convert wood into wood pulp. Wood pulp comprises pure cellulose – that is the main component of the paper. Pulp manufacturing is a highly self-sufficient business in terms of energy. Manufacturing softwood creates many important by-products and precious residues like turpentine, tail oil and lignin that are further used to make other products.

There are three main sources for paper – hardwood, softwood and fluffy wood pulp. Hardwood is acquired from gymnosperm trees. Hardwood fibres are well suited for producing smooth textured papers for printing and writing. They have a good density and bulking property, with better formation compared to other fibres. Typically, oaks, beeches, poplars birches and eucalyptus trees are used for obtaining hardwood.

Whereas softwood offers more reinforcement, wet runnability, tear strength and internal bond. The fibres are longer. Softwood is gained from angiosperm trees and undergoes the same krafts process to separate lignin from the fibres. Softwood has many uses ranging from furniture, doors and windows to medium density fibre board, paper, Christmas trees among others.

Softwood is Heavily used in Hygiene & Personal Care Industry.

Fluffy wood pulp is again a type of softwood but it is more smooth and softer in texture. Typically fluff pulp is fully bleached and chemically processed. The important criteria for fluff pulp are bulk and absorbency. In fact, it was first invented for use in sanitary napkins. Majority of the fluff pulps available is fully bleached chemical softwood pulp. The most common raw material used in the manufacture of fluff pulp is southern bleached softwood kraft(SBSK) and loblolly pine.

It is majorly used as the raw material in the absorbent for products like diapers, sanitary napkins, air-laid absorbent towels, etc.

At Kalpataru, we supply fluff pulp of very high quality and customized grades for various end uses. All the raw pulp sourced by our company is sustainably produced and the ideal choice for products that require high absorption and compliance parameters.

Some of The Qualities of Our Wood Pulp :

Low to very low Ash Content in the Harwood Pulp
Optimum Brightness of pulp for perfect paper production
Desirable Coarseness
Low conductivity
Least Quantity of dirt in the pulp
Great consistency of pulp