Packaging Paper Suppliers and Manufacturer Company

Packaging Paper Suppliers and Manufacturer Company

Packaging paper suppliers and manufacturer company – What come to mind when you think of Packaging Paper Suppliers & Manufacturer Company? The image of a rough brown paper, bad texture and finish which is just used to pack valuable objects. The image is not entirely wrong. The sole purpose of packaging paper is to pack the objects, but in todays time packaging paper can be really fancy, it can be smooth or glossy and is as important as the article inside it.

The thickness of the paper can be anywhere from 35gsm to 100-gsm. GSM here refers to the thickness of the layers in the sheet of the paper. The selection is generally done depending on the intended use of paper. The Packaging Paper has a versatile application from Garment Boxes, Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Toys, Shoes, Fruits & Food Packaging which derives that virtually everything on the shelf needs an attractive Paper Packaging. In garment industry it is needed for the packing of the cloth and later for boxes also. In FMCG the packaging paper is generally printed with attractive graphics to attract the potential customers. Toys and Shoes are first packed in a thin film of paper the later in a box. Food and Beverage industry use packing paper the most, their primary pack is a hard box pack and the subsequent pack is a thin film. Dominoes, Mc Donald’s, KFC all use packing paper to pack their food items. The quality and functional requirements that packaging papers have to meet differs widely. The requirement of all the industries are different. The Paper & Board consumed in the Packaging shares the largest portion of Packaging Application, even more than glass, metal or plastic. It is multi-purpose, clean and flexible & the best part is that it is Eco Friendly.

Why should you buy from us :

Here at Kalpataru, we cater to demands of clients from all over the world, and we supply them only with best quality packaging paper. As source supplier for packaging Paper & Board, we also focus on efficient and resource-conserving solutions. We provide our consumers a clear economic benefit by working closely with them and by repeatedly achieving breakthrough in supply and services. This enables us to provide the customer product at an affordable cost. We have met the supply demands of clients from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, Egypt, Turkey, Srilanka, Bangladesh, African Country and India.

We assure you with our transparent pricing and a reliable chain of logistics we can provide you the Best packaging paper suppliers and manufacturer company.

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