Speciality Paper Supplier & Manufacturer

Speciality Paper Supplier & Manufacturer

As the name suggests, the paper is special with specific properties in term of nature, composition, texture and uses. This category covers both the papers in Publication paper and packaging paper. Despite the name SPECIALITY PAPER, it is very common to find and is very commonly used. The ATM receipt, Parchment Paper, Baking Over Paper, High-Pressure Laminates Paper, Tissue papers, Barrier Paper, Tea Bag Filter Paper, Non-Soluble Paper, Crepe Paper all are the part of speciality paper family. A special variety of speciality heat resistant paper is used in the cigarette industry and for the production of tipping paper.

Who All We Supply

We at Kalpataru deal with the most demanding customers and provide speciality paper to Food Packaging Industry, Hygiene Industry in making Sanitary Napkins & Diapers, Tobacco Industry, Decorative Paper, Tea Bag Industry & Automobile Industry. We also have an elegantly designed speciality paper segment for the luxury industry. We have helped these various sectors of industries in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, Egypt, Turkey, Srilanka, Bangladesh, and African Country.

Speciality, of our Speciality Paper

We understand the need for luxury, elegance, and sophistication in a Speciality Paper. We believe that you will be delighted to see our latest innovations in both concept & design. We are offering a wide range of excellent Speciality Paper.


Outstanding strength-to-weight ratio
Clean fibers and process – excellent for food packaging
Product uniformity – consistent and reliable performance
Renewable, high-strength fibers, valuable in the recycling process
Certified biodegradable and compostable

We are grateful to have customers like you, Who stand to confirm our beliefs that fine quality service results in satisfied customers. .We thank you for being our inspiration and for giving us the opportunity to serve you. We look forward to working with you in the future. Feel free to contact us.

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