Kalpataru provides a wide range of specialty paper and paperboard. Specialty paper is so called because of the unique, ‘special’ grade of paper. They have specific characteristics and properties, designed for specific end users. Globalization and economic development have led to the rise of consumer activity and increased the per capita consumption of paper. Also, the fact that there is a growing demand for packed goods, leading to a need for specialty paper in various sectors and lines of businesses.

Kalpataru has a growing clientele in various sectors like Food and Hygiene, Tobacco Industry, Sanitary Napkins and Diapers, Tea Bag Industry, Consumer good, and Automobile industry, etc. Some examples of the type of specialty paper that we supply include parchment paper, baking over paper, high-pressure laminates paper, tissue papers, tea bag filter paper, barrier papers, crepe tissue, wrapping tissue, etc.

Quality and innovation have led to the resurgence of specialty papers and various applications. Our high-tech production and manufacturing facilities allow us to customize and deliver paper grades to your specifications. We supply to various industries in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, Egypt, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and African Country.


Outstanding strength-to-weight ratio
Clean fibers and process – excellent for food packaging
Product uniformity – consistent and reliable performance
Renewable, high-strength fibers, valuable in the recycling process
Certified biodegradable and compostable

End Uses

QSR Clamshells
Cold Drink Carriers
Bottle Baskets
Dry Food
Straw Cartons


Air Filter Frames
Hardware Packers
Roll Headers

Non-Food Packaging

Health and Beauty
Sporting Goods
Gift Boxes
Automotive Components Doors
Book Mailers
File Folders